James School of Motoring

How many lessons will I need?

That depends, as everyone is different.

The national average is 46 hours, with 22 hours of private practice.

We will only be able to know when you start driving.

I am nervous about driving and am not sure I will cope.

All students feel nervous before learning to drive, however James recognizes that every student is different. He can adapt your lessons to your needs and would never ask you to drive into situations he does not feel you can cope with.

He has the use of dual controls if needed.

I passed my test a while ago but haven’t driven since.

If you have lost confidence in your driving due to a period off the road then James can offer lessons to refamiliarize yourself with the roads and build up confidence you may have lost.

What is au pair driving assessment?

If you employ an au pair on a European license then they can drive on UK roads.

James can take your au pair out in your car and check that their driving would meet the UK standards.

He can also familiarize them with the road that they will be required to drive, e.g. school runs.

How soon can I rebook a test?

James will not allow you to book a test until he is sure you are ready for it.

However, nerves or unexpected circumstances can mean you do not pass the test.

If this is the case, then you can rebook straight away, however you must leave 10 working days between tests.

James will require some lessons before your retest to address any issues.